Head and Heart



I am hoping all those brilliant neuroscientists working on mapping our brains to alleviate pain and suffering will find the answer to a lifelong question.

Why can’t our brain communicate with our heart?


When a relationship ends for “good reasons” and we move on knowing it was the best decision for us and perhaps for our former partner, did the heart not get the memo? Maybe the heart has selective memory?


The heart “wants what it wants” like a two year old kicking and screaming while some grown up tries to explain why that is “bad for us.” Maybe our hearts are not as evolved as our brain?


Whatever the reason, when weekends feel long, darkness comes early, and the sun sparkles on the water where you long to be…the heart knows only one thing…it wants what it wants. So, on those days you take yourself by the hand like a gentle parent and wipe away the tears. Then, you call that one friend that gets what it means to long, even when the brain knows it isn’t good for you.

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