Is it Too Late to Change??


Cheerful seniors couple


I swear I think someone is going to have to pry it out of my cold bony hands after I am dead! I continue to hang on to the belief that people CAN change right up until the moment the guy with no face in the long black robe pays his last visit on the way to the River Styx.


We have all known people who have spent a lifetime “pretty much the same”. They love living in their comfort zones, their biggest risk is changing the pizza toppings, right? OK, there are those folks in the world and I am with you there…they will probably die in the same neighborhood in which they were born. Nothing wrong with that, but I must admit, I like surrounding myself with people who want to live life to the fullest, take some chances, continue to learn and “dare greatly”!


If you are in a relationship or looking for a partner, especially later in life, what can you expect?  Does age mean it’s time to settle down, dig into routine, stay home and plant a garden? For some people, that’s the formula they want. And for others, dating,mating and relating late in life means an opportunity for adventure, travel, exploring new places and trying new things.


Often men worked hard, sometimes in careers that were great for “bread-winning” but weren’t their dream careers. Either way, they worked hard following the rules of the day, to support a family. Bless them for that. While they were hitting the roads to work, women sometimes were home raising a family and making sure that man had an ice cold beer and dinner when his tired body hit the driveway. Other women cleaned those toilets while getting ready for work, carrying a baby on her hip and brushing her teeth with her free hand.


Then comes the day! The kids are now helping their babies brush their teeth. All that hard work has paid off and your just reward is TIME!!! She wants to GO GO GO. Free as a bird for once in her life, “Let’s get an RV!” or “I want to go to Tibet” might be dinner conversation. His response might be less than enthusiastic. You see, he saw Paris and China and Malibu and the Golden Gate Bridge when the company expanded to new markets.  Now, for him, those rusty tools are looking pretty good in that workshop that has been gathering dust. Major League Baseball channels abound and he doesn’t even have to leave home to see his team play!


It’s time to talk. Maybe you split the difference? Perhaps it is OK to cut a rug at dance class while he puts his feet on the rug beneath the Lazy Boy? Every couple has their deal. Talk about what yours will be before someone gets the gold watch or the “golden parachute”.

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