Believing in Yourself is Only Part of the Solution

Harold Fry“They believed in him. They had looked at him in his yachting shoes, and listened to what he said, and they had made a decision in their hearts and minds to ignore the evidence and to imagine something bigger and something infinitely more beautiful than the obvious.”


_Excerpted from The Unusual Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce


I must cop to it. Though I avoid “attaboy’s” like the plague, the urge to tell people to believe in themselves is right on the tip of my tongue, not to mention at the end of many of my posts.  Most often, we all need more than this.

Isn’t it amazing how we feel when, in the middle of a crisis of the heart and spirit, someone can light the flame in us that has been snuffed out by our own self-doubt. A friend that says, “You are doing really important work for people” can trump that inner voice and give us the strength and courage we didn’t think we had to keep on keeping on with our plan, our goal…our dreams.


Having started several businesses in my life, I know it is part of the deal, the self-doubt and even the downright funky life that can result from living in hope and fear 24/7. When the phone doesn’t ring, appointments are cancelled, and a hoped-for connection doesn’t come to fruition it seems the only alternative is give up. After all, those voices inside our head driven by the ego whose job it is to keep us safe will give us a one-way ticket back to what we used to do or believe. Though that ego does keep us safe, it keeps us stuck and unable to take the risks needed to keep moving toward something or someone that will be better for us.


So, don’t ever believe that you don’t need the support of others to stay on your path. Transitions are hard and they can hurt. The company of good friends and family members who DO see the light in the tunnel when you can’t are invaluable. The catch is, sometimes you have to be humble enough to ask for what you need…They will be there for you.


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