What Dorothy Didn’t Know

Dorothy & the 3 guys



“I can picture God saying:  ‘Okay, hon.  I’ll be here when you are done with your list.’  Then He goes back to knitting new forests or helping less pissy people until I hit rock bottom. And when I finally do, there may be hope.”

Excerpt from Anne Lamott’s book, Help, Thanks, Wow…Three Essential Prayers


Speaking of resistance. We all have it. It is part of being human,  of survival and our ego-driven lives.


The most difficult thing we must do if we are to grow and change, have a life of joy and meaning is push beyond the walls that we have constructed around our lives. Deconstructing messages that have shaped those walls is our first order of business and we must do it slowly, carefully… one brick at a time.


Simply observe some of your thoughts today. Listen for voices that try to override your own wisdom. Examples might be, “You can’t do (something you really want to do like take the afternoon off and go to a movie) until you finish your work.” “It is unrealistic to think that you can ( make money doing ‘that’, ” find a really ‘good” man/woman online at your age…”).  Just notice the thoughts that fly in the face of what you want in life.


Believing, trusting, letting go of our own timetables…not easy! But we can begin today to learn a new way of thinking, to replace our brick walls with curtains that allow the good to flow through. Begin  today with just one or two thoughts. Observe them, question them and tomorrow, do it again. One day soon you will realize that they no longer rule your life!




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