Pushing the River

Person Swimming upstreamMy doctor would say, “Donna, it is just a virus.”

I was sick for what felt like a century. I couldn’t believe it! Somewhere in my contract with God, I thought for sure I had made an agreement that if I did all the right things, I would never get sick. Alas, viral infections don’t read contracts and one came after me with a vengeance.

When you get sick do you ever find yourself setting your timer and “allowing” it only “this much time”?  I was aware of the craziness of that this morning when I got up feeling like a frog in a blender and began to say, “I will give this two days to go away.” What is it that makes us think we can do that? It is NOT creative visualization by the way.

The gift of a virus, if there is one, is teaching us to let go and trust the body to know what it needs. In addition to Tylenol, cough syrup, and Vitamin C, it needs our compassion and willingness to let go and stop fighting the current. Compassion for ourselves is the toughest thing to learn. Begin by turning off that timer and allowing the body to do its work while you do yours….sleep, drink and sink into rest so that your body can heal.


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