Take a Chance…A Mother’s Wisdom

sky diveHow do we learn to take risks in our lives? I was sitting on the back of my son’s motorcycle headed into the redwoods. It was a balmy winter day (my East Coast friends are hating me) and riding on a motorcycle was my idea of a heavenly way to spend it.


Ideas flow best when the wind is vacuuming my brain. If you don’t know this about me already, I am a speed junkie…not the druggie kind! As we tooled down windy roads, it suddenly dawned on me that this 6’2″ “kid” of mine had once been the age of his twin daughters. I remembered him sitting on the gas tank of my boyfriend’s  (later, my husband’s) Honda Gold Wing a la 1975. Was I CRAZY??? Would my son ever let his daughters ride on a motorcycle, even strapped into a roll cage? I felt the shame wave rolling in, and then I did a freeze frame.


I suddenly realized that perhaps the reason he owned this motorcycle and treasured his time on the road began before he even knew it…when he was 4 , perched and happy on that Gold Wing’s gas tank?  Perhaps a big part of his ability to take risks of all kinds in a world that says, “Play it safe, or else…” was a gift his step-dad and I gave to him by saying “We approve of risk taking.”


Who ever knows where we get all the pieces of ourselves. One thing I know for sure though is that each day it is like playing Scrabble.  We have an opportunity to change out those pieces for new ones…and we might even get a few blank tiles. How fun will that be?!

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