The Merry Month of May



Ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper I have LOVED spring, and for me, May IS spring.


Just seeing that number 1 on my calendar makes me smile, begin to sing, “The Merry Merry Month of May”from “Camelot” and laugh at myself for being such an incurable romantic. 


Do you remember May Day at school or was it just a Southern genteel kind of celebration? For weeks before the first day of May, Mrs. Hicks our elementary school principal would take us out of those “important” classes and bring us to the gym to learn the minuet. That must be when it happened…my love for Jane Austen and grand ballrooms.


My mother would take me shopping at the Buster Brown shoe store looking for black patent leather shoes to match my “ball gown” made just for that one day. May Day was a moment in time when I no longer felt like a girl who was too tall and too skinny. I felt indescribably beautiful.


I didn’t have any idea then how boys felt about anything, much less about being taught to dance around a Maypole, weaving colored crepe paper in and out of young girls until with a little luck, it was time to bow and curtsy until next year.


Today, let the spirit of May Day take over! Dance, sing, and if you can’t do either just notice the beauty of Spring and new beginnings.

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