The Gift of Vulnerability

sending a text


How many times have you had a warm feeling wash over you remembering a moment shared with someone you love? Lots of times, right? And how often do you pick up the phone…OK, so nobody picks up the phone any more…so, text or for those of you who remember, pick up a pen to share that feeling with them? 


I am here to tell you, it’s time. And it is scary for many of us. Why??? What makes us fear telling someone how much they mean to us? What would happen if we just said it?


Somewhere in many of our distorted messages, some familial, some cultural, some experiential we have come to believe that if we speak our truth something bad will happen. Now, maybe “bad” is a strong word, but we harbor a deep feeling that our love might not be shared, it may sound “corny”, our buddies might think we’re a bit “soft”, our life partners already know that, our children might think we have a terminal illness if we say we love them one more time, a new person we have been dating for “way too short a time to say that” might bolt.


What IF we were willing to chance it? And after we shared what we feel, what IF the person we cared about had a better day, found their way out of the dark, or felt the same thing about us? And even if they weren’t able to express it, to be vulnerable…would it be OK? Could you smile, savor the incredible joy you feel by sharing your real self with someone?


Life is short. Love is precious. It may be time to JUST SAY IT! This moment may not come around again. 

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