Like Bees to Honey…What Attracts Us Most?

Bee to honeyHere’s a hint…

buoyancy, bounce, verve, vim, pep,zest, sparkle, passion, fire


Wealth, big houses, a head full of hair, flawless complexions, and Viagra-free sex

You only have to have seen the movie, The Theory of Everything or read the book, Travelling to Infinity to know what vitality means. Here is a man whose body is contracted, withered and deemed fairly useless and every woman in the theatre is in love with Stephen Hawking. Now, Eddie Redmayne is a cutie, but even he couldn’t have caused the human heart to see beyond the body right into the soul.

I had the pleasure this past year of getting to know one of the most vital couples on the planet. She recently passed, but her sweetheart continues, even in his grief, to emanate “aliveness”. When they were together people would often whisper to me, “You don’t think they still do it, do you?” “I can guarantee it”, I said while watching their jaw drop.

Vitality is many things and if you were to try and define it, it might elude you because that zest for life is wordless. What you can say is that people who possess it are the ones you want to spend your days with. 

Pay attention to who makes you feel alive. Which friends or family members take risks, seek novelty and adventure? What is it about your partner, or someone you are hoping to find soon that will make you want to be with them?  

Remember vital people aren’t all from Hollywood. Sometimes they suffer, experience loss, feel afraid and hopeless too. The difference…they always bounce back because there is way too much living yet to do!

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