Are We That Mysterious??




Guys, this will be the best four minutes of wisdom you will ever get from me or anybody that claims to know what makes love happen for women. You won’t need glasses or hearing aids…just an open mind. Trust me on this one and take the time to listen.

I work a lot with women, not because men don’t want to find and keep love. Research supports the fact that men thrive even more than women when they have partners they love. Guys are oftentimes mystified by women and don’t know what makes us happy, or more importantly for them, what they did to make us unhappy. To repeat what I have said many times, men want to make women they love happy and when that happens, they purr like a kitten…well, how about a large lion? 


James Ingram is here to tell you just what we want from you. So, listen to the man, will you? And women, when the man you love finds even ONE of the “One Hundred Ways” to show you how much he cares, please tell him how much it means. Don’t forget, it might be changing your oil rather than giving you roses or violins, but pay attention to all the ways he says, “I care.”


And guys, roses are a dead ringer every time!

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