Take Time to Just Stare

 bird building a nest



My chiropractor couldn’t contain himself the other day when I was in “to be put back together”. A new hairdresser often says with disdain, “WHOOOOO cut your hair!?”  Being the professionals that they are and stellar “re-framers”, I took him very seriously when after trying to adjust my back he said, “You HAVE to get a massage.” 


As luck of the draw would have it, there was an appointment available in the student massage clinic only five minutes from where I live. God must have been smiling on me because I was “given” two massage therapists who greeted me with the word, “tandem”. Two women working on my body…I had indeed arrived not far from the pearly gates.


There is nobody better at surrender on a massage table than me, but as they worked I couldn’t help but notice something quite profound. One of them worked very gently while the other went down deep into the muscles. What struck me was more than how much I enjoyed receiving,it was the realization that both soft and firm touch got me to the same beautiful state of relaxation. 


Often in our lives we think we have to struggle, to work at it, be productive, keep pushing, buck up, just do it anyway and by God, we re “gonna git ‘er done.” Now, there is nothing wrong with that sometimes but where it goes awry is when we can’t “let ‘er go” without feeling those bony fingers of guilt poking us.  As the old song says, “There is a season…turn, turn, turn…” Allow yourself in this new spring season of life to just lie there, sit staring at the new green leaves, watch those birds building nests…whatever reminds you of the flow of life when you aren’t pushing.


Let me tell you, those strong young women’s fingers kneading my tired body felt far better than the bony ones. 

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