What Does it Mean to Surrender?

man surrendering“I am not a quitter!”


The very word “surrender”  brings up images of old war movies. The defeated have their heads bowed in shame and disgrace. The “winners” sport expressions of disdain and pity. It is no wonder we don’t know how or when to give up, give in and give it over. 


Lately my lizard brain has been operating like a caged gerbil being fed Red Bull. Details aren’t important here, but what is important is that I find it almost impossible to stop the struggle to be the winner. Anything but giving up in surrender.


I often tell clients and companies with whom I consult that striving and struggling never make a person or an organization more productive. To the contrary…it eats energy like an IPhone with all its programs open. 


We need a new kinder definition of “surrender”. For those of us fortunate enough to have experienced an amazing Swedish massage at the hands of an experienced masseuse, surrender is Heaven! We let go, breathe deeply and allow ourselves to float gently down the rabbit hole into bliss.


Sometimes, we thrash, beg, kick and flail when we don’t have the answers. Like that gerbil, our minds make a Mobius loop to nowhere. Holding on will not get us where we want to go. Only letting go and giving our precious minds and hearts the gift of time and faith will bring us the answer. 


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