Can You Begin Again?



Is it possible to forgive and forget? Can two people who once loved one another ever truly begin again?


Elizabeth Edwards in her book Resilience: Reflections on Facing Burdens and Gifts of Facing Life’s Adversities writes poignantly about the death of their son who died tragically when his Jeep swerved off a rural road and flipped over. Elizabeth left his room just as it was the day he died and though her life moved on with the birth of two children that she felt were her “new beginning”, she came to realize that until  the reference point for her life now resting in that upstairs bedroom truly changed,  a new beginning was impossible. 


Creating a new life with someone is possible, but only if both people have the capacity to let go of the pain of the past, and fill that space with trust and an open heart. Is it risky? Might it be painful? Indeed it is full of risk, and pain is always at the other end of joy. But it might also be the most beautiful time of your life.


Any time you fear the unknown or clutch when you find yourself falling, falling, falling in love despite trying to put on the brakes, let go of the past and live as if you will have it all…and you just might!

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