Mistakes Can Be Beautiful

basset hound


I am repeatedly struck and surprised by how often my clients (and I) postpone going online again after a hoped-for relationship doesn’t materialize. Feeling like a Basset Hound, we want to scream “I just can’t do it again!” 


And then, one day we decide that it is worth going online, but just to “look”. Like a small child tiptoeing down the stairs on Christmas Eve, we don’t want to be seen doing it. If we are very very quiet, no one will know we’re online and honestly, we are just looking after all.


Now, five minutes on some of the dating sites is an eternity. Men with chests, bellies and God knows what else hanging out of opened shirts. They seem to have forgotten that things changed in the past 50 years ! I remember telling my sons years ago when I saw a 70-something woman with a face so “lifted” that it shone like a new penny..”If I EVER do that, kill me!”


A few of those men are coloring their hair. Some are, Lord knows why, standing in front of their muscle cars. But you know, even the muscle car guys are just like us..out there looking for love…well, most of them are.  To find it, we all have to slog through the pages of guys and women who are BIG OLD  “OMGs!” then have the courage to put ourselves out there and yep…make yet another mistake here and there.


I believe mistakes are what give us clarity in our search for Mr./Ms. Right. With each coffee, we learn. So, get your courage on! Turn on that computer! One thing’s for sure…they won’t come knocking on your door if they don’t know you’re there.

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