What Would Your “Ex” Say About You?

tinkerbellRepublished on request….


Imagine, a testimonial from your “ex” on your dating profile??


OK, time to come out with it…I think I have DNA like Tinker Bell. “I believe, I believe” just seems to stay with me through the ups and downs of searching for love. After taking some time to get heart-healthy again, I went back online.


Plowing through the shirtless photos, not to mention those taken in 1966 was no small thing. It was easier when that little email arrived in my inbox saying, “You have an email from….”. There is no choice at that point but to follow that link.


He was attractive, had a sexy British  accent, a sailboat and was a  devotee of Jon Stewart, so I read on. At the very bottom of the profile was a testimonial from his ex-wife! Even before I read it, I was smiling, having thought so many times when I met a new guy how much I would like to call his former partners to see how it went. And here it was…


What would your former partners, husbands, wives and lovers say about you if you asked them to write a testimonial for your profile? You might be surprised to know that they would be kinder than you would be about yourself. 


We are pretty hard on ourselves when a relationship doesn’t “continue”. I refuse to say that relationships “fail” because that just isn’t true. It is, however what we have been taught to believe.


Each time we are fortunate enough to spend time with another person, to feel love and caring, it is life’s biggest gift. No one guarantees it will be for life, or even for a year. Society has given us a measuring stick and when these lovely relationships don’t make it to the end of that stick, they are deemed failures.


So, what would the men in my life say about me? I can only hope that they feel blessed to have had time with me and that they felt loved and cared for during that time. And, more than anything, I want them to know that I would write a testimonial for them any time!


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