Without Endings There Are No Beginnings




What is it about the “end” of things…days, weeks, relationships that can send us crashing and burning? 


Friday nights, sunsets when we stand alone staring at such a beautiful miracle, heading home again after a weekend away where we could see things so clearly…what happens to the hope?


It’s like being lost in the dark black woods. For a time, we have amnesia. The urge is to push through it, deny it…anything but feel it. And yet, there is fertile soil in that dark wood. When we are in pain, we are our most open selves, not because we want to be, but because we are down on our knees and without choice. 


We learn and we grow day by day, but it is the days where we struggle to find answers to our deepest questions, days when we recall our mistakes that we realize we need forgiveness.  Perhaps from someone outside ourselves, but usually forgiveness for our own sweet selves. 


If yet another Friday night is fast approaching and you yearn for someone to share it with, be kind to yourself, recall love lost and know that the sun will shine again bringing a new day and new growth that will lead you once again toward your dreams.

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