Frozen is More Than a Movie


Are you longing to have someone in your life, but he/she just isn’t “appearing”? 

Let’s not oversimplify this because for many of us, that unrequited longing for love is really painful. There are no easy answers to finding a partner that will put an end to the ache  of wanting love. But, there are some things you can think about on your journey….or are you even on the journey yet?

See if this sounds familiar…

“Who wants to go to a bar to meet someone? ” “I emailed him and never heard back.” “I don’t want to go online because that is just a desperate move.” “Men at our age are only interested in younger women.” “All they want is to be wined and dined.” “I just don’t have it any more.”

Whew! Exhausting and demoralizing just reading those, right? These are just a few of the ways we become “FROZEN” and never really put our shoulders to the plow to find someone to love. We call those “limiting beliefs” and we ALL have some, even if the ones listed above are not our personalized, monogrammed version.

Getting clear about limiting beliefs is the first step in the “thawing” process. As long as you have roadblocks, the likelihood of finding love is close to zero.

So make a list of those things that come up every time you feel sad about being alone on yet another Saturday night. Then, get some help if you need it to remove those barriers so that the road is clear and the journey exhilarating!

AND if you want to get a jump start…I will be doing a three-hour workshop on Saturday, March 7 from 1-4 in beautiful Carmel-by-the-Sea!! It’s only 30.00!! and  you can still get in! Call the Carmel Foundation at 831-624-1588 to reserve your spot.  

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