…”Love You Until You are 70.”??

It’s a sweet song by a 24 year old…and he has NO IDEA how beautiful love will be even after 70. 



A friend of mine who was in her early 70’s was in a new relationship with a man she met on a hiking trip and she was glowing, happy and looking like she was 30. “

They have NO IDEA!”, she laughed, talking about her adult children and grandchildren. 


The joys of love are limited only by the stories we tell ourselves. Stories told by Madison Avenue and our youth-driven culture tell us: Nobody wants to date a man/woman after 65. If they see this body, OMG. These same stories keep us from getting online or out to that singles gathering or hiking group. They are making sure that we stay alone. You can change that right now.


Love is worth it but it has a  price. You first have to believe age does not limit you, that there are many ways to love someone even when health issues raise their ugly,  inconvenient heads. Companionship is healthy and those who find love are happier and live longer. 


Finding someone who shares your definition of love and relationship is the key. Travel partners, companions who want to live together, or love their own space, wild and crazy dancers, sexually compatible partners, someone who loves your doggies snuggled in beside you…there are so many ways to find loving partners in the world. First though, you gotta kick that message that it is over.


My generation has never been about following the rules. Let’s not follow this crazy cultural one either.  Let’s make our own so that we can all say, “They have NO IDEA!”. 





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