I’m in LOVE!!

I thought Mercury was in retrograde that morning. And then I met him.

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I boarded the bus feeling sorry for myself and looked across the aisle to see this beautiful man with an irresistable smile looking back at me. Pretending I was 30, I had just hauled a 75 pound suitcase up the bus stairs. “Where are you going?” he asked. “To meet a friend in San Bruno.” Still high as a kite from welcoming a beautiful new grandchild into the world the night before, I added, “Next week, I am going to N.C. to see my new grandson!” He smiled and it was all over for me.


His name is Brandon and he’s an artist. He looks the part with dreadlocks and a jazzy skateboard and he paints in abstract style. That tee above is one of his pieces.


From the minute he smiled at me, Mercury moved and all was right with the world. Seems he loves to travel to Washington, DC on occasion for workshops Friends are as important to him as they are to me. Brendan loves making art and is one of the best conversationalists I have ever known. He could teach some men I know the art of winning a woman’s heart.


As the bus carried us both to the train station, we shared our love of art and life. Brendan told me to go to www.artsaveslives.com and gave me the local address where I could find his artwork. Seems he makes beautiful tee shirts, candles and shopping bags and nobody has anything on this guy in the area of marketing. His suggestion that  I come by and get a tee shirt for my newborn grandson was intriguing especially since he said he hoped he would be there when I came by.


I was so happy to see him today and meet his friends and an amazing young woman who works with all of them, teaching them that despite disabilities they are amazing artists and human beings. Thank you, Brendan for being a bright star in this world.


Check out this organization and with a little luck, you might fall in love too.








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