Where Miracles Happen

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Looking down over her shoulder, an iPad with large print resting on her knees, slowly lifting her right hand, fingers retracted into her palm and using her knuckles she patiently typed one letter at a time. Now, for any of you with iPhones and  iPad minis, you KNOW the miracle that occurs when you actually hit the letter you want!


I watched her, feeling my growing frustration as her knuckles moved slowly over the keyboard,  wondering how often she felt overwhelmed by the simplest things. I was embarrassed, ashamed of how often in the past few days I had been in a “puddle” of emotion because of something insignificant.


As the sun sank over the East Bay, she scrunched down in her wheelchair peering through the crowds that, thank God, had thinned. I asked her what she was looking for, thinking I could help her somehow. Then, the miracle happened…she looked up at me, smiled and said “Did you see that beautiful sunset!?” It was at that moment I realized that she wasn’t struggling.  I was. Happy to see the beauty of another day, this woman was my teacher, reminding me once again about gratitude and  what really matters in this very precious life.


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