The Gift of Happiness

I recently saw an amazing movie, “Hector and the Search for Happiness”

which of course was panned by the critics because it required viewers to think.


Happiness is not a present someone else holds in his/her hands. That illusion gets me into more trouble than any other and I blame it on Cinderella and Snow White, Motown and Michael Buble.


I remember many years ago talking with a therapist about my marriage and every sentence began with “He doesn’t….., He didn’t…..” and it ended, ” so, I ….”. You know where that got me? No closer to being happy and with less money in my bank account. And, thank God for therapists, counselors and coaches who are there to dig us out of our own self-made quagmire.


I know. We want him/her to make us happy. It would be so much easier than just sitting with our own questions about our lives and making decisions to change things that are getting in our way. That prince is SO handsome and the glass slipper is just what we have always wanted…and he delivers!


Truth time… the next time you feel sad, lonely, angry or long for someone to make you feel better, stop! Ask yourself what YOU can do to make your life better that moment, hour or day. Get quiet, meditate, take a walk (without your smartphone), ask your Higher Power for help and by all means, don’t pick up the phone or text the person you think SHOULD do anything to MAKE you happy.


You hold that beautifully wrapped box called happiness. It will take some getting used to but one day you will feel the joy of having that power in your own hands. If you are just beginning this journey, be patient and remember, there are therapists, counselors and coaches out there that can be your sherpa.



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