How to Give the Perfect Gift!


dove on giftboxIt is crazy! Have you found yourself feeling all warm and fuzzy when that hunky Forrest Whitaker appears on TV telling you all about “accident forgiveness”? What??!!  Over time, clever insurance company advertising has actually made us forget that the reason we pay those premiums every month our entire lives is BECAUSE we might HAVE an accident! And the premiums are for what?? And why are we on our knees thanking them for their forgiveness??


Well, my friends that is exactly happened to our holiday season.  For many people it has become something to just “get through”. What happened to the joy of giving gifts to those we love? And, by the way if you are giving them to people you don’t love, as Bob Newhart would say, STOP IT! 


What’s with our kids, wives or life partners making a list of “things I want” and handing it over? When did gift registries for every occasion appear? And who taught us to tell those who give us a gift right there on the spot that we hate it?? Is it any wonder we now dread holidays, buying presents and even opening them “knowing” we’ll probably be disappointed.


So, here is how you do it this year.  Take some time to sit down with a glass of eggnog, bourbon, wine, mulled cider or a hot cup of tea. Let the image of someone you love guide you as you think of why you care about them. What do they love? Do they wistfully muse about a weekend away, the feel of soft fabric, talk about a hobby or activity that makes them happy? When do you look at them and know that they are at peace, full of joy, rockin’ and rollin’, in the moment? This is where the perfect gift emanates. Taking the time to remember what matters to you and to them. YOU are the gift giver and with that title comes total choice to give someone what YOU choose.


When someone gives you a gift that you didn’t expect or perhaps puzzles you, hold that gift and the giver in a state of grace. Assume that no matter how much it cost, how mysterious it appears to be, that someone who cares for you has given you something they want you to have. Smile,  give them a hug and maybe they will tell you the story of that gift.


May we all remember during this holiday season the true meaning of giving and receiving. When we can do this, our bodies and souls will remember what and who really matters in our lives all year long. 

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