December 1…Overwhelmed!!



At the risk of really irritating animal rights activists(and I am one), I can only say that when I woke up this morning, realized it was December, I felt like a frog in a blender!


We can’t blame it on the coffee. It is 5:30 am for God’s sake and we are sitting up in our bed, heart racing and feeling like a dump truck just left us covered with 5000 pounds of paper all saying “To Do”.


Why does that happen at this time of the year? Some would say the holidays are the culprit…shopping, mailing, family stress, toys that they just gotta get or the Department of Social Services will knock on your door December 26th. I don’t think it is that simple.


The end of the year is what December is about, and it seems that shame, guilt, remorse and regret, let’s call them the Four Feelings of the Apocalypse, roar into our lives and hearts with a vengeance. 


Where did the year go? What the heck did I do? What didn’t I do (well enough)? Maybe I am just what they told me I was…unrealistic, a dreamer, so impractical. They were right. I don’t know how to manage my time, am too scattered and am going to end up on the streets if I don’t grow up.


OK. The first thing to do, get out of that bed now!  This is not the time to lay there while the Four Horsemen stomp you to death. Out of that bed and head straight for the morning Joe or Jill that makes you happy to be awake and alive. Then, breathe and start another healthier conversation.


Overwhelm is just fear trying to take over the driver’s seat and you don’t have to slide into the passenger’s seat. I have said this before many times.You need to  make friends with fear. This emotion kept you from burning yourself, both literally and figuratively throughout your life. That is all it is trying to do now. So, after you breathe a few times, thank your sweet fear for being there to keep you safe. Let it know that you are one smart, strong, capable person and that after that cuppa, you will know just what to do next. Then, tell it to go take a few days or hours off while you do your job.


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