Thanksgiving…What is it Really All About?

people helping peopleNot all of us will have the opportunity to volunteer in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving Day. It isn’t necessary, really. We can find the meaning of this amazing day in the eyes of most everyone we meet if we look at them lovingly. 


On Thanksgiving we have an opportunity to “recognize our kinship with all creation by paying attention, tender and thoughtful attention to people who have never been blessed, who feel they aren’t meant to be included and who aren’t among the respectable, the cute and the cuddly.


Maybe we will realize that there is in us an unblessed outcast, an outcast that longs to be held and sheltered by someone we trust.” 


These are the words of a wonderful minister I have been fortunate to know for the past 10 years. My words couldn’t craft a better message, so I am sending his beautiful words to you as my Thanksgiving blessing.


–Quotes from Guy Sayles, Minister

First Baptist Church, Asheville, North Carolina



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