Taking Back the Holidays!

christmas_camping_by_bradleydacosta-d39ln621A disclaimer right up front…I LOVE holidays.

It isn’t rational given that growing up in a crazy family, holidays were both the sweetest and the saddest times of the year. Thank God for therapists! And today, there are still those memories that float through my heart as the season approaches, but I have recreated holidays, something I highly recommend.


Recently, I had a client who declared, “I hate holidays.” It wasn’t the first time I had heard that and felt the sadness of it. We all know the drill , “they have commercialized Christmas, it is all about the money and the gifts…retail has co-opted the holidays”. Well, that is just BS!  We may have allowed them to take over the holidays, but always we have the choice to take them back and make them just what WE need, want and believe they are all about. So, stop whining and bring them back into your life…claim them!


When my oldest son was born I made a decision to recreate holidays, making them what I wanted them to be for my kids, and the kid still in me. I have to admit, I went way into “Martha Stewart mode” creating elaborate ginger bread houses, flying to Macy’s waiting in Candy Land to reach the North Pole for some lap time with Santa, and making the kids’ stockings by hand. For a few years, I kept up this crazy pace, believing that this was what holidays looked like.


I learned as I grew alongside my sons that it wasn’t the gingerbread houses, the stockings, the perfect tree that made us all love holidays. It was SO simple…love and gratitude in large doses, and taking the time to stop working, fretting and obsessing and just be together, present (not presents) for each other. 


We can make any day a holiday by remembering what really matters in life…time and attention given to those we love, gratitude for all that we have, and reaching out to those in our lives who aren’t”there” yet to give them a helping hand. Don’t let past experiences or the box stores take holidays from you. Discover what matters and who matters in your life. If you need a jump start, hit your Netflix app and click on “A Christmas Carol” and have a glass of eggnog!

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