Do You Throw Like a Girl?

I recently found what I consider one of  the most important corporate sponsored videos ever produced. Take the time to view it…then, let’s talk.

Here it is…Watch, then scroll down

Would you believe it if I told you that this disdain of girls, or being “like a girl” has shaped generation after generation of not only girls, but boys and men? Sometimes subtle, like the card on the flowers delivered to my hospital room after my first son was born that read, “They’re better with a spout the first time out.” I recall how I felt as a mother wondering if my son’s father would  have welcomed his daughter with the same enthusiasm. Like the young women in the video, it made me feel less than.

I spent much of my young life grappling with “femininity”. A product of the deep South, Scarlett O’Hara, Doris Day and Marilyn Monroe were our role models. Be sexy, but don’t lead him on. Be sweet and the whole world will love you. When you want something from a man, don’t ask him for it…use your eyelashes.  Nobody, save Katherine Hepburn (and we all knew she must be a lesbian because she wore pants and a man’s shirt all the time, right?) told us we could throw a ball 70 mph and still be a lovable woman.

Like the belief that we are” Post-Racial”, nothing could be further from the truth about sexism. We have to check in on ourselves all the time to counter decades of having missed out on the real facts. Girls can throw, run, speak out loud, be scientists and mathematicians, be sexy and smart, and ask directly for what they need and without entering the Miss America Pageant we offer up amazing strategies for world peace.


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