Baby Steps to Love…What Can You Learn From a Profile?

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Life can get complicated when we begin the search for love. Online dating is one of the best ways I know to increase the chances of meeting someone, but before you begin searching for your match, pay exquisite attention to what writing your own profile tells you about how you view yourself.

What makes a good profile? Of course…the one that makes them send you those emails that say “Let’s meet for a drink.” How can we write about these complex selves of ours in a way that creates appeal for a potential partner?

As you begin to write about yourself, it can feel like you are swimming upstream, or live in an emotional desert. WHAT SHOULD WE SAY???  What will make them want to contact me? How can I say that in a way that he/she won’t be turned off? How much do I reveal about myself so that I don’t scare them away? And then, noticewe are writing OUR profile FOR someone else. We forget that the real goal is to tell them about who we are, what we value and enjoy, what we are looking for in a life partner.  It is up to them to like and appreciate it or not. So, when you click the “Visitors” link and feel disappointment or self-doubt because none of them contacted you, celebrate that. It means they aren’t right for you and it saves you time, money and emotion when they move on. It also keeps the door open for the person who will read your creative profile, maybe not this week, or even next week, but one week. She/he will recognize you because you showed up as yourself and that is just exactly who they are looking for!

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