I Like Living Alone?

dog sleeping with personI recently got an email from a friend who was catching me up on her life. She had two new puppies, said she was happy being alone and in charge of her life, and had “given up on men”.


I have spent many a year sleeping with my dogs and knowing that the only demands they made on me were to get them out before they had an accident and make sure they ate only the natural, organic, eco-friendly, “no animals were killed to make this kibble” kind of dog food. Felt pretty darned good.


And then, time passed and I would realize those Goldies had some severe limitations, one of which I won’t elaborate for fear of the “Blog  Police”. Yes, they were there for me when I was sad and were more than happy to lick away my tears, but what I really missed was someone asking me to tell them about my day while pouring me a glass of Chardonnay. Opposable thumbs are pretty wonderful!


Everyone needs to decide for themselves how a partner fits or doesn’t fit into their life. Most importantly, we all need to be able to feel OK when we are alone in our lives. If we can’t BE alone, it doesn’t bode well for having a healthy relationship. Finding a life partner with whom to share your day, your interests and sometimes a Golden Retriever is a wonderful way to spend the rest of your life. But if you are happy, fulfilled and curl up alone at night, turn out the light and smile, looking forward to a tomorrow that will bring you joy, that too is a great way to live.







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