I Lost a Dear Friend Today

Man cyclingToday I got the news that one of my closest friends passed away after a long battle with a blood disease.


As I sobbed, I went to the same place most of us go when we lose someone we love… Why? He deserved to live. He took such good care of himself. It isn’t fair…trying still to bargain and make sense out of death.


Ray was about the healthiest, happy and positive man I ever met. He was an engineer for the same company until he retired, and he loved maps and predictability and yet, his passion in life was cycling up impossible mountains and traveling the world ready to learn and grow every second of his life. His wife said that even with the palliative care, he never lost his sense of humor. And yet, he suffered from an intractable illness and none of those healthy behaviors could gift him a life that was one second longer.


What we often forget is that life is given us only in one second increments. Each one that follows is a gift to be used wisely and never taken for granted. My friend Ray used every second of his life to live his passion.


The next time you open your eyes, be grateful. When  you think you just don’t have the time to call a friend, call them. If you think you will do something “tomorrow” that you have always longed to do, make plans and do it now. When we lose a friend, their gift to all of us is perspective on how amazing each of our seconds needs to be.

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