I Almost Did it Again

When I started blogging I was committed to writing a blog every day not because I had to but because I wanted to write. Nothing got in the way…not break-ups with boyfriends, a bad back, new twin grandchildren, not even writer’s block. I was committed!!

Everyone knows that a daily blog rarely if ever remains “daily” and probably 90% of them vaporize leaving websites with blogs so old you sneeze from the mold growing on them. But, “not me”, I said. Hah!   I proudly posted most every day for months, then felt it was OK to occasionally let a day or two lapse without “feeding the followers” (which at the time were very few). Then I hit the wall,  perhaps agreeing with friends who said,“blogs aren’t going to make you any money” or “blogging is so ‘over’.” It wasn’t that at all. Once again, I found myself giving up something I loved because of FEAR. I almost gave up something precious because of what others might think. 


Let’s find a way to beat the odds and stay on course together!

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