Choosing Life for Me

Creatives are risk-taking fools!  I mean that in the best sense of the word. We don’t know any other way to live, and in fact, most of us feel like we are dying when we try to live differently.


For my entire life I have struggled to find the balance between my creative self and the more practical side of life. At times I have had 9-5 jobs. I had to talk myself into not bolting while I could literally see the hands of the clock move. It was absolute torture most of the time. And, every two weeks I loved it…payday! Those predictable checks in crisp white envelopes that said, “you are going to be OK.”


After a few of those jobs, I realized that if I didn’t live and work in a way that was life-giving, I would die an early death. I would USE that health insurance that the company provided me (often the reason people remain at jobs they hate).


So here I am, very much alive and happy doing the work I love every day. Do I have regrets about choosing the life of an entrepreneur? No, but I will admit to lusting after my friend’s portfolio!woman skydiving

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