What is Real Love?

I am blessed to live on the San Francisco Bay and my alternative to a gym is a sometimes face-paced aerobic walk along the water. But yesterday, having survived Dante’s Inferno, commonly known as the “stomach flu”, I was taking my time, thanking the Universe for allowing me yet a few more years.






On the ancient boardwalk by the Bay I saw an elderly woman, her cat “being walked” was perched on the fence rail alongside her. She stepped slowly, the cat right beside her and as her Precious would reach a fence post, she gently picked him up and placed him on the other side of the rail. She never took her eyes, full of such love, off the cat. They were in love.


As you know, I am a hopeless romantic with a touch of realism. Far be it from me to believe that all the songwriters know what love is. Are you kidding, “Stand by Your Man”?? But I do believe that real love is possible, that we have to first make that eye contact to find it and that in order to do that, we have to look up from our cellphones long enough to see someone. Then the work begins…the work of knowing if we have found real love. Stay tuned for more as we begin our journey together.

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