What Are You Waiting For?

OK, Miss Pollard is not happy with that title! In my junior year of high school English while I stood, clad in a toga, in front of my class reciting “Julius Caesar” I was unaware that my English teacher could see right through me. 

Thank God she had Superman(woman)powers. At 17, I had already decided without even knowing it, that I was going to be somebody’s secretary or hopefully somebody’s wife. Those were the choices young girls raised in the rural South were given. If English hadn’t been a required course, I would have probably been in advanced typing. I was a crazy woman behind a keyboard..the fastest in my class ,but nobody knew how badly I wanted to slow down and write, really write.

One day as I was leaving class, Miss Pollard casually asked me where I planned on going to college. I still remember the jolt I felt. It could have been shame or embarrassment, but honestly, going to college wasn’t even a dilemma then, so I think I just felt surprised. When I told her I wasn’t planning to go to college, without hesitation, she said, “Well, of course you are.” And my life began because someone saw the real me. 

Every single day we meet people who change our lives. In fact, everyone we meet does in some small way. Most of the time we don’t realize it because most of us fail to understand the power we have within us to make someone’s life a little bit better.

A smile, a few words of encouragement, responding to a friend’s email, taking the time to look someone in the eyes instead of staring down at our smart phones…don’t underestimate how important these things are in the lives of others, and in our own lives. It gives our lives meaning and without that, we drift along, never fully alive.

If you are wondering what you want to do “when you grow up”, during mid-life, or after  you retire…take some time, talk with someone about it, but in the end make it matter.

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