Good News

I have just spent the past week in absolute Heaven. My Mama Bear self is very very happy.


Why have I been struggling to write a blog post when life feels so rich and good? I sat and sat and pondered the struggle and I must say, I am not happy with the result. This morning it came to me the meaning of “if it bleeds, it leads.”


Joy and happiness can feel both personal and a bit mundane. Well, we think that others will feel it mundane. Our day to day moments of complete bliss are not “sponge-worthy”( to all you Seinfeld folks)?


I wanted to climb up to the top of the tallest building and tell the world how proud I was that my son had the courage to sell all he owned, leave his very precious dogs with friends, begin a new career…and be willing to be trapped on an airplane for 24 hours!  Some voice said, “nobody cares but you”. Perhaps that is true…but I am betting it isn’t.


So, something to work on…ahh, life gives all of us these kinds of opportunities on a daily basis. Sharing joy requires some vulnerability and risk too? Something to think about.


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