New Year’s Eve…the Best or Worst Day of the Year?

Isn’t New Year’s Eve the ultimate holiday for either thriving or surviving.

What are you doing tonight? Many of you are having a  dinner by candlelight with someone you love, while others are eating Lean Cuisine and trying to dress it up with a glass of nice Chardonnay. Spiffing up the dinner is merely the tip of the iceberg. Really, we are simply surviving the evening and waiting for the stroke of midnight, minus a kiss from Prince Charming, so that we can regain hope.


The feeling on New Year’s Day is not from the wine, but exhaustion that has set in from all the ruminating that “eve” before. What was that year about anyway? A new job, moving into a beautiful new space, finding new love…and losing it, or simply shrink wrapping our struggles and challenges and moving them forward?


Every year we spend this day regretting, rethinking, remorseful and reconfiguring plans for the new year. We join a gym, vow we are cutting out ALL sugar and wheat, and of course, no more alcohol! It is all about past and plans to change our future. How many of us spend time in gratitude for all the people we met in 2013, even those that broke our hearts or broke their promises? What did we learn about ourselves and about life? What gifts were given us by the people who entered our lives…chance encounters on a bus or train, people with whom we exchanged “Merry  Christmas”, folks we thanked for serving us on Christmas Eve who were giving up time with their families?


So, it is what it is, this crazy holiday called New Years Eve? Here’s to all the joy, the wonder, twinkling lights on bridges, osprey and red wing blackbirds that sang to us and love that we were so fortunate to feel for one another during this amazing year. May this next year bring more of the same. Happy New Year! 

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