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It’s been such a challenging time for us all. Covid’s consequences are enormous...and so full of self-discovery opportunities for us all. All of us, and the world we live in will never be the same. What an exciting opportunity!

Are you feeling restless, like something is missing in your life? Do you want peace. Are you ready for some self-exploration to find the joy in this new normal (or new life)?

I have shown hundreds of amazing people how simple it can be to rediscover YOU and what makes you happy NOW.


I have been working with Donna for over 10 years. I came to her feeling like my time and priorities were controlled by others and wanted to gain control of my life. From that first session, she has helped me focus on everything in my life, including finding the love of my life. She restored my confidence, helping me find out who I really am.

My work with Donna taught me that by clarifying my vision of what I wanted and being open would take me to feeling that joy I so wanted. It seemed like magic over the years, though I know it was her guidance and wisdom and my hard work that helped me create the life I love now.

Steve M., Entrepreneur, Alameda, CA

“I have referred Donna to clients, friends and family members. I cannot praise her enough for the help and guidance she has provided. Donna quickly becomes a trusted advocate and shares her many years of life experience helping people through the many life transitions. I recommend her wholeheartedly!”


“I love that Donna is my life coach. We visited like old friends from the start, but she is always listening for that answer or remark from me that she can use to provide insight that helps me figure out the direction I want to take in my life to find my highest and best self. Donna is the gentle guide I’ve needed and I’m so grateful she is in my life.”


Just Outside Your Window

Just Outside Your Window

This book will tell you much about me and what I love. My journey may not be yours, but I know we all are connected, and need to feel that connection even more today. Just Outside Your Window will give you the warm comfort and inspiration you need.

“From now on when you feel alone in your struggle, whatever it is...pull back the curtain. I hope you’ll see that we’re all swimming and thrashing about in the same ocean.”

Click for a free preview.

How do we get to the point in our lives where we find a place of peace and love so that each day, no matter what happens, we know how lucky we are, can feel the gratitude of another opportunity to see the next full moon?

If you are ready to find joy and happiness, get on the path that is uniquely YOU, and deal with whatever challenge is in your life at the moment...let’s talk soon.

About Donna

I have a MS in Human Development and a lifetime of personal experience that always guides my work with clients. You can learn more about me from my new book, Just Outside Your Window.

My coaching style is practical, useful, honest and compassionate, accompanied by a big dose of humor. It’s not therapy, though most of my clients also utilize therapists and other healing practitoners.

I work with people who are ready or getting ready to discover what will make their lives better, happier, less stressful, and become a reflection of who they really are.

As a cancer survivor, I enjoy working with people who are dealing with these challenges and want to feel more powerful, hopeful and ready to do what it takes to heal.

Donna Bailey

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